About Us

There is a secret under the streets of Downtown Greeley, an elaborate tunnel system that connects many of the downtown buildings. During Prohibition (1919-1933) illegal liquor was rumored, but never confirmed, to be in the tunnels under downtown businesses. Although the tunnels were sealed off in the early 1970’s (Greeley was a dry city until 1969, Coincidence? We think not), there are still signs of the illicit lifestyle early residents enjoyed.


Under the Greeley Chophouse and the Massage Therapy School, evidence of two speakeasies beckons the imaginaton of a different time when imbibing was pushed underground. The barkeeps and patrons had to get clever in order to evade the police. There are stories of citizens entering the old Rex Theater to see a show, but instead using the tunnels to visit their mistresses in the Camfield Hotel across the street and enjoy an illegal drink in the underground tavern.

Please enjoy a vintage cocktail and let your imagination take you back in time to the early life in Downtown Greeley.

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